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Attention: Right now I'm not accepting porcelain ball jointed doll orders! If you which to order please contact me for more information. Thank you!

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If you would like to ask any question or place an order for a doll please write to: asalvador@sapo.pt

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How to order a porcelain ball jointed doll:

-All dolls are signed and numbered but they will also come with a certificate of authenticity.

- When you place your order you can ask for a specific wig color and eye color. The eye and hair color you can choose according to what is available in stock.

- The client can also choose for a face painting look according to the style of the artist.

- As a client you also can choose for the approximate color palette that you would like the clothes to be (taking in consideration what is available in stock).

- All my BJDs are unique because I always sculpt the eyes and some of the features in the leather hard faze (thatís when the porcelain is just out of the mold and itís like soft clay).

- I ask for a non refundable 200 euros deposit before I start the process of making the doll

- It takes a minimum of 4 weeks to complete a doll but there is also a waiting list.

- I will make a waiting list with the orders and will start making the dolls according to the earliest email entry. The time to complete a doll will depend on how many orders are first to be finished on the waiting list.

- The price will also vary according to the work involved making a doll (ex. a doll with several clothes pieces will be more expensive than a doll only with one dress piece).

- There will be extra shipping costs to pay that are not included in the price. The costs will vary according to your country. Please email me for information.

- Payment methods: I only accept Paypal for payments outside European Community.

- Inside European Community I could accept bank transfers.

- Layaway is available for all my work!

Thank you for your interest!